About The Colorful Picture Company

The Colorful Picture Company is an artistic photography group dedicated helping creative souls come to light. This  company is a house of inspiration first and foremost. We love to breathe life into the ideas that inspire us and relight the flames of dreams collecting dust in the closet. Our aim is to pour in just the right colors to make all of your picture dreams pop.

Erick Mcglothen


The Colorful Picture Company is a dream that everyone should have a safe place to be their truest self, or anybody else they want to be in the moment. Self expression is not something that held value in the environments I grew up in. But instead of dwelling on what my childhood lacked, I chose to build this. The Colorful Picture Company is here to make the world a little more YOU.

Erick Mcglothen


Somewhere along the windy road of life I was convinced that I had the power to have exactly the life I wanted. I don’t think I have very much to give the world but my goal as an artist is to pass that power on to as many people as I possibly can. With my work, I want to hear your wildest fantasies. Then, find the best angles to show you how true those stories could be.

Erick McGlothen


To me, our realities are one part what we can see, and one part what we want to see. The boy in me has always wanted to believe in objective truth, but now there's only a few pixels of separation between reality and fiction. Our photographers do great at capturing who you are. It's my job as editor to answer the question, "who do you want to be?"

Erick McGlothen


BIGGER, LOUDER, AND WAY MORE FUN! (or I don't want anything to do with it). The Colorful Picture Company is and inspirational explosion incarnate. It's my job to greet you flying across the room with a Michael Jordan style high five. And just FYI, the color we left on you heart stains, and is defiantly permanent.

Erick McGlothen


I'm the teams caretaker, and lucky enough to work a labor of love. There are so many moving parts to running a business and I'm the oil that keeps the machine moving. I'm so blessed to work for a company that values the mental and physical health of its employees.

Erick McGlothen


A wise man once told me, "never ask someone to do something that you wouldn't do yourself." I'm always in the process of becoming a better leader, but for now my goal is to refine everything that makes up The Colorful Picture Company. 2022 is the year I lead my team into a consistent and efficient work flow. 

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